Why you should engage a Limousine Service?

The idea of Limousines brings to mind glitzy extravaganzas, extremely fancy dinner dates and that it is a mode of transport solely reserved for the rich and famous. Despite this being a common notion, the truth is that you don’t need to be part of the upper echelons of society in order to be a passenger. In fact, Baay Limousine offers affordable and comprehensive packages so that this experience can be enjoyed by most without breaking their bank.

On top of that, Limousines aren’t just all about glamour and status. There are many additional features when it comes to engaging one, along with various reasons and benefits. We are about to break the conception and reinvent the stereotype with the following points below.

Scheduled Services

Our chauffeurs have been specially trained to have a perfect estimate of traffic conditions such that they will always reach punctually, if not earlier. They are also thoroughly seasoned with Singapore’s roads and expressways, such that navigating and finding the most efficient route has become second nature.

This is perfect for business meetings where timely arrivals are mandatory. As Baay Limousine has zero tolerance for any kind of late or delayed service, this ensures that you will ace that first impression. We will help you create a regal scene– imagine stepping out in style from a sleek, beautiful vehicle, well-groomed and dressed perfectly for the occasion. It is said that the more unique and iconoclastic something is, the deeper the impression. With something as novel as a Limousine in tow, your clients and business partners will be sure to remember you fondly, which helps with elevating your personal branding.

Our scheduled Limousine Service also comes in handy for airport meet and greets. Whether it’s to welcome a loved one home, or to catch an eyeful of elusive celebrities who have set foot upon our sunny shores as part of a tour, being on time is paramount. After a long and draining flight, the last thing you would want your friend or family member to tolerate is waiting even more!

By then, they would be tired, possibly hungry and in need of freshening up. Hence with that said, the best show of love from you would be an instant ride back in a plush, comfortable luxury car. This act is definitely one they would greatly appreciate and remember for a lifetime.

When it comes to seeing public figures in the flesh, fanatics will go above and beyond even for a mere glimpse of their idol. Typically, these are brisk and conspicuously planned in order to escape paparazzi and excited crowds, so time– down to seconds, is truly of essence to capture such an exclusive moment.

We also could come in as an added segment of extravagant birthday celebrations, and enhance it. Arriving at a splendid hotel in our magnificent limousine is worlds apart from commuting there in an ordinary taxi! A posh prologue to the festivities will definitely set the mood right and with that said, punctuality is of essence for a grand entrance. Such fundamentals are required for intricate planning to go without a hitch. Every detail counts when it comes to complex organising; not a single thing can be out of place.

Be prepared for the birthday boy or girl to be blown away by an experience that will forever be embossed in their memory!

Professional Drivers

Crisp, knowledgeable, eloquent and courteous, we at Baay Limousine pride ourselves on the fleet of accomplished drivers under the company’s belt. Evidently, their main skillset is focused on chauffeuring passengers smoothly across the country and ensuring that the entire process goes without a hitch, however, they have much more up their sleeves. To create a more enriching affair, they have been thoroughly familiarised with the sights and sounds of Singapore.

Regardless of the kind of experience you fancy, you can count on them to bring you a vast range of leisure options and destinations. With all these at your disposal, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best food in town, spots to unwind with exactly the type of music you love, beautiful nature haunts, exhilarating activities or just about anything else under the sun. Our competent drivers have got you covered!

Personalised Concierge Service

As part of Baay Limousine’s package, we also offer concierge services where our drivers are at the ready to fulfil any tasks requested. If you’ve reached your destination and are spending the day reclining indoors, they are more than happy to assist you if you have any errands to run such as the picking up and delivering of dry-clean laundry and documents, last minute immediate chauffeuring to anywhere of your choice, or even grabbing a bite from your favourite food stall.

With us, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or hotel to get all these sorted!

Think of our drivers not just as chauffeurs, but as butlers as well. If you’re tied up with a back to back schedule, they are on hand to help you with just about anything outside of driving. These can be such as making reservations for your preferred restaurant, or even beauty, gym and wellness appointments.

Baay Limousine believes that to provide holistic and complete experience, it’s not just about elegantly cruising down Singapore’s roads. This is only one facet of greatness; the bulk of it is supported by having your every demand fulfilled accurately and swiftly!

Unparalleled Levels of Cleanliness

Baay Limousine has always been recognised for upholding superior standards of hygiene and cleanliness when it comes to our vehicles and drivers. In lieu of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that this is especially important and have hence further raised the bar in order to ensure the safety of our passengers. We want to assure you that you and your loved ones will be secure with us!

During this time, we have taken measures including mandatory vaccinations for all our staff and chauffeurs. Sanitisers are also readily available in every vehicle, whether for your use, or for regular cleaning of the limousines. Just like being punctual, this is an aspect of our practice that we firmly perform and will never compromise on.

Regardless of circumstance, our cleaning schedule is very regular and frequent, executed at every 12 hour mark. If there are multiple bookings on the same day, this occurs after every alternate ride. Dirt and grime don’t exist in our book!

Baay Limousine understands that a pristine and neat interior environment is what forms the foundation of comfort. While looks and aesthetic are important features as well, these come secondary– nobody would feel relaxed and refreshed coasting around in a shiny, gleaming limousine that seems lustrous at first glance, but one that’s unkempt and poorly maintained within, especially when it involves sitting in slightly confined spaces. Beauty and radiance starts from the inside out even when it comes to the care of vehicles!

In summary, Baay Limousine is a multi-dimensional concept, a culmination of exemplary customer service, top-notch skills, diversified possibilities and unrivalled hygiene standards that come together in a beautifully comprehensive masterpiece guaranteed to ‘wow’ anyone who steps foot into our vehicles.